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Our custom precision machining abilities enable us to machine complex parts specific to each industry and standard. The core strengths of our precision machine shop for CNC machined parts in Santa Clara, CA, are in the Medical, BioPharmaceutical, Water Purification, and Veterinary industries.

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We pride ourselves on the quality of our precision machined products and our ability to meet complex job requirements. The possibilities of precision machined parts that Lenz Precision Technology can produce are endless at our precision machine shop for CNC machining in Santa Clara, CA

Industries We Serve

The precision CNC machinists at Lenz Precision Technology are capable of CNC milling and CNC turning jobs for various sectors, including:


The medical industry requires precision machined components and machined parts, and many of them we fabricate are as small as one centimeter in size. Our quality craftsmanship and quick turnaround times have enabled us to continue serving the medical industry for more than three decades.


Our extensive experience with maintaining exacting tolerances during part fabrication makes us an ideal precision machining job shop for biopharmaceutical companies looking for a trusted partner for their machined parts needs.

Water Purification

We have decades of experience in the fabrication of custom machined parts for the water purification industry, giving us another point of difference to other precision machine shops in Santa Clara, CA.


Components for veterinary testing equipment are typically very small and require high precision machine tools for fabrication. We have super precision lathes that allow us to turn parts to tolerances of .0001 (or ten-thousandths of an inch).

Precision CNC Solutions Since 1972

If precision machined components with exacting tolerances are essential for your business, trust our precision machine shop in San Jose, CA, to deliver the quality you expect. At Lenz Precision Technology, we have been a trusted partner to the industries we serve since 1972.

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Super Precision Lathes

Our Super precision lathes give us the ability to turn parts to tolerances of .0001 (or ten-thousandths of an inch), and we are able to make adjusts down to .00001 (or ten-millionths of an inch).