Our Work

Intricate mill machining with lots of component requiring vacuum chucking due to the thin wall thicknessPrecision thin wall lathes and mill workMultiple milled part assembly, black anodize finish and precision machining after assembly for directed fiber optics. Multiple angle milling machined component for an AR15Pocketed machining out of aluminum with a gold anodize finishIntricate machining with small diameter round bossesStainless steel machining with ultra-smooth interior finished to a 10Ra and turned weld prep held to a +/-.001 locationPrecision machine structural component for robotics with a blue anodize finishPrecision welded assembly out of stainless steel with faces parallel within .001 and an electro polished finish20” wheel rim machined out of a 5” solid steel plate using 3D millingIntricate miniature machining out of magnesium with a dow finish for corrosion resistantIntricate miniature machining out of magnesium and dow finish for corrosion resistant