Quality Control

Lenz Technology Inc is dedicated to the manufacturing of quality products for all industries, primarily but not limited to, semiconductors, medical and bio-pharmaceutical components. We are committed to meeting customer and quality requirements and continually improving our quality management system as well as production processes. Our quality objectives are aimed at ensuring high performance and customer satisfaction.
Quality Control room and equipment

Inspection Equipment

  • 1 Mitutoyo Crystal Plus P504 CMM
  • 1 Starrett HB400 Optical Comparator with Digital Readout @ .0001 resolution
  • 1 Mitutoyo PJ-3000 Optical Comparator with Digital Readout @ .0001 resolution
  • 1 24” x 36” Starrett Crystal Pink Class A Surface plate 
  • 1 Mitutoyo MT Measuring Microscope that reads .00005 increments 
  • 1 Mitutoyo Height Gauge thats read .0005 increments 
  • 3 Mitutoyo Profilometers
  • Wide array of gauges (thread, ring, blocks, pins)
  • Bore mics
  • Outside mics
  • Depth gauges

All Inspection Equipment is calibrated to ISO 17025-2017 and NIST standards.