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Drill machinery
Here at Lenz Precision Technology, we provide solutions to complex material requirements. We supply precision machined components and sub-assemblies to the Silicon Valley and across the United States.

Lenz is known for its tool making ability, designing tools for very specific applications and the machining of exotic materials such as Hastelloy, and high Chromium and Nickel alloys.

Most machine shops don’t have the knowledge that Lenz does related to understanding material properties and working with the stresses of various materials. Our staff of machine technicians (including Eric Lenz) have a combined 150+ years of industry experience and technical craftsmanship.

Super Precision Lathes

Our Super precision lathes give us the ability to turn parts to tolerances of .0001 (or 10 thousandths of an inch), and we are able to make adjusts down to .00001 (or 10 millionths of an inch).

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Our History

CNC Machines
The company was founded in 1964 by Pius Lenz who immigrated from Switzerland after being trained as a Tool maker. At that time, the company was known as Lenz Tool and Mold, with a focus on Injection Molds and Stamping Dies. Pius’s son Eric followed in his footsteps and joined his father in 1982 after attending De Anza College where he graduated with a degree in Machine Tool Technology, Mathematics through Physics and material processes.

After working as a machinist for a number of large organizations in Silicon Valley, Eric started working first as a contractor using his Dad’s equipment, and from there he soon became an integral part of the company as it began manufacturing prototype parts for the disc drive industry during the Silicon Valley boom.
The company invested in their first CNC machines in 1984 manufacturing production parts for Winchester hard drives, and then branched into semiconductor components.

In the mid-90’s Lenz began machining components for the medical device industry, capitalizing on its strength in high precision machining, with parts and components for blood gas analyzers, laser spectrometers, and valve components for the biotech industry as well as other medical components.
ES-450HII machine